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R&J Jewelers offers custom-designed jewelry in Reno NV

R&J Jewelers, your source for custom jewelry

At R&J Jewelers, we specialize in custom jewelry designed and created on site! While very few jewelry stores across the country have the ability to manufacture jewelry on site, our shop is one of the most complete in the West and features the ability to cast, finish and set stones - all in house! Our CAD/CAM process guarantees that your custom work is perfect before it is even cast in metal and the stones are set.

Come in today and see what we can make for you!

R&J Jewelers, the Local's store

At R&J Jewelers, known as the local's store, you can come in, relax and feel comfortable. We want you to take your time finding the perfect item without the high pressure found elsewhere. Our knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions whether you come in for a new purchase or need heirlooms repaired. From loose diamonds to custom design, your happiness and excitement is paramount to our success. Since we are a locally-owned and -operated jewelry store, you can deal with the owners and be treated like family.

R&J Jewelers, your LoveMark™ store in Nevada

In addition to custom-designed jewelry, we are proud to sell LoveMARK™ Diamonds, the first and only natural diamond designed exclusively by computer for maximum light performance. This diamond is so beautiful that it will amaze anyone who sees it. Color, clarity, and carat weight contribute largely to the value of a diamond, but cut is what unleashes the real beauty of a diamond. A standard round diamond has 58 facets. However, with computer aided precision, an additional 16 facets are placed on the pavilion (bottom) of each LoveMARK™ diamond not just to increase its scintillation or sparkle, but its overall beauty as well. The LoveMARK™ is a result of comparing, literally, millions of facet patterns to determine a diamond that would outperform a standard diamond in each beauty component: brilliance, fire, scintillation, and efficiency. A diamond so unique; it's patented.

For the very first time... measured beauty you can see! Independent laboratory testing has shown that the LoveMARK™ diamond is superior in overall beauty to a standard round brilliant, as well as an ideal cut. Each and every LoveMARK™ diamond is uniquely measured for overall light performance from over 7,000 different perspectives, assuring you of the most beautiful diamond possible. There are more expensive diamonds, but none more beautiful! Every LoveMARK™ diamond rates 'excellent' for overall 'light return' and a minimum 'very good' for overall 'cut quality.' Every LoveMARK™ is accompanied by a GIL grading report assuring you of your diamond's weight, color, clarity, cut, and light performance. Owning your LoveMARK™ diamond should be one of love's great joys.

Consequently, to insure the safety of your LoveMARK™ diamond, each one is laser inscribed with a unique serial number, and will be registered at

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